“Everything Comes from the Streets” Panel Discussion (March 28, 2015), El Paso, Texas

A Physical & Virtual Panel DiscussionEPCC Flierhttps://soundcloud.com/miguel-juarez/everything-comes-from-the-streets-panel-disscussion-march-28-2015

Moderator & EPCC Faculty member Arturo Valdespino introduced panelists: (on screen on Skype from San Diego, Calif.) Rigoberto Reyes, documentary film Co-Producer and founding member of Amigos Car Club in San Diego; and Dr. Alberto Pulido, Professor at UCSD, member of the Chicano Park Steering Committee and documentary film Co-Producer. Other panel members at the EPCC site included were (from right to left) Luis Arias, a UTEP graduate and now with the Dept. of Justice; Hector Gonzales, President of the Latin Pride Car Club and member of the Lincoln Park Conservation Committee; and El Paso County Commissioner Carlos Leon, who was a captain with the El Paso Police Department.

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