Latin queen of city council: ya basta

It’s pretty obvious that there’s some on city council that just haven’t grown up.  Ok, you can start laughing and saying “no, really”  But the sad truth is that just about everyone is getting sick and tired of the antics of one city rep in particular.  She, and that should narrow it down, has been the subject of discord since the day she got on council.  She was accused of “pinching” the rep next to her and that caused the offended rep to request a move to the other side of the room.  She continually makes faces at those speakers she doesn’t like or doesn’t support.  She makes faces at City manager Tommy Gonzalez and all the other reps and the mayor know it.  Yet this same women takes the role of the savior of the Latinos proclaiming herself as queen of the virtues of being Latino, Hispanic or Chicano.  Her behavior is embarrassing and now she has lowered herself and her supporters to new lows.  It is being talked about that this queen decided on her own to disinvite members of council to a recent LULAC salute to send her all the invitations the council was to have gotten (to distribute) but she didn’t.  Instead she either threw the invites away or some one close to her did, making it awkward for LULAC when city reps questioned organizers about not being invited. Turns out LULAC  thought it was a show of unity, dysfunctional as it might appear, that council was united in not supporting Tommy.  Far from it the council was unaware and it made it appear that Tommy had no support from the very people he works for.  From what I’ve heard the council was pissed off and have told the offending rep that she needs to rethink it before acting again with such offensive actions.  I’ve also heard that the other reps are calling for the mayor to step in and stop that rep from pulling stunts like this.  Unfortunately the offensive rep is now spreading false rumors about Mr. Gonzalez that could be considered slanderous to both him and his family.  This is getting out of hand and there are those in council who might have just had enough of the shenanigans of the Latin queen.  I can’t say what is going to happen but only know that council and City manager both are likely to ask the city attorney to intervene if it continues.  Meanwhile the queen will still be on TV and in the newspapers as the most Hispanic, Latino, Chicano representative ever on city council.  Please, behave and stop the b. s.  It’s not fair to anyone especially those you’re trying to impress the most or the poor constituents you claim to represent.

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