PAINT, PIXELS, & ESOTERICA: Interview with Marcos Rey

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Our inaugural interview is with artist Marcos Rey.  Marcos is currently exhibiting at the Rock House at 400 Overland Street in downtown El Paso.  Marcos is part of a larger committee of artists and arts advocates working to grow Last Thursdays.  Last Thursday is a downtown Arts Festival held every last Thursday of the month, this month on March 26th from 6-10 p.m. 

1. Is Marcos Rey is your real name or is it an artist name?

It is my real name.

Pix of Marcos Rey

2. What inspired you to do art and what artists inspire your work?

I actually started painting to relieve stress. I have always liked to draw. Two years ago I bought a canvas, paints and brushes and started painting.

3. What are important themes in your work?

I like to use bright colors in my art.  I like to paint abstract images. My work has been labeled an expressionism.

Marcos Rey Image#3

4. When did you start exhibiting your art at the Rock House Gallery?

I was encouraged to do a one-man show in March of 2014 and afterwards was invited to be one of the resident artists.

5. Can you tell me a little about the Rock House Gallery and why do you exhibit there?

I remember that the Rock House was a small quiet gallery that I would pass thought on my Last Thursdays Art Walk and I always thought to myself I want to bring my art here because it was so different that the other galleries. Its very artistic all around and it’s in the Downtown Arts District. Since then, I have joined forces with the owner and the other manager and we have grown the Rock House to what it is now. It is well- known in the arts community.  We schedule a monthly Last Thursdays Art Festival that is always a huge success.

6. Who are some of the other artists who exhibit there?

We have featured several amazing El Paso artists at the Rock House like: Terri Gutierrez, Cesar Orduno, Hiram Huerta, Heather Shade, Lorraine Urquidi, and Pamela Enriquez, to name a few.

7. How do you think people can support the arts community?

People should come downtown every Last Thursday of the month to support local artists even if they don’t buy anything, come and talk to the artists about what inspires them to create their work.   We have amazing talent in El Paso.

8. Are you ready to quit your day job and be an artist full-time or what do you think needs to happen before you can do that?

I am a very new artist and I do not foresee me quitting my day job. I like to be involved with our community in many different aspects. Volunteering at the Rock House Gallery is just one of my many projects in El Paso.

9. What do people need to know when they purchase your work?

When my artwork is purchased I want people to know that they are taking a part of me on canvas. Many of my pieces are really hard for me to see let go, but so far they have all gone to good homes. And my photography also shows my love for El Paso, especially downtown El Paso.

Marcos Rey Paintings

10. Who do you recommend to be interviewed for this series?

Jaime Gonzalez Aragon, Hiram Huerta, Alejandro Lomeli, Patricia Reyes-Renteria, Terri Gutierrez.

Bonus question: If people are interested in your work, where can they reach you?

E-mail may be best. and on Facebook:

Thank you Marcos Rey!

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