“Uplift” Update: Correspondence Demonstrates City Knew Gun Fragments Would Be Welded Into Sculpture

Artist Margarita Cabrera and her lawyer Francis S. Ainsa Jr. have released a statement about her sculpture that was removed by the City of El Paso and sent another letter to the City, along with e-mails about the creation of “Uplift.”  The letter details the process of the creation of the piece and demonstrates that the City knew that the gun fragments would to be incorporated into the sculpture.  The City of El Paso has also placed the issue on tomorrow’s agenda (May 5, 2015) in Executive Session, meaning that the issue will not be discussed publicly but behind closed doors because it is a legal matter. Following is Cabrera’s statement:

In response to numerous inquiries, I would like it to be known that I greatly appreciate all the interest and support that has been shown as news about the removal of the UPLIFT sculpture has been widely shared. Representatives of the City of El Paso have now placed the issue on tomorrow’s City Council agenda and they have also agreed to meet with us on Thursday, May 7. We are confident that the sculpture was installed with City approval, and hope to have a full and open discussion leading to a speedy resolution of the situation. Our goal is simple: to have the UPLIFT sculpture re-installed to honor the past, present and future of the community it represents.   Attached you will find the most recent letter sent to the City by my attorney, which shows their approval of the fragmented guns on the UPLIFT sculpture.

Margarita Cabrera

May 4, 2015 Letter by Ainsa to City of El Paso: Uplift-Update-May-4-2015

Under May 5, 2015 Executive Session, the City Agenda item reads as follows (bottom of agenda):

Goal 6: Set the Standard for Sound Governance and Fiscal Management
EX1. Fire Collective Bargaining (551.071)
  City Attorney’s Office, Sylvia Borunda Firth, (915) 212-0033
EX2. Claim of Margarita Cabrera, our file 15-1051-217.  (551.071)
  City Attorney’s Office, Laura P. Gordon, (915) 212-0033
1 0

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