About Us

A Call for Bloggers Writers and Citizen Journalists

Attention aspiring bloggers, frustrated writers and citizen journalists here is your opportunity to let your creative side out. Welcome to Newsies; a site by you and for you, curated by the readers. Newsies is an online magazine devoted to incubating and supporting writers looking for a place to publish their work. It is free and anonymity is not only allowed but actively encouraged.

Let’s face it, the news outlets are nothing more than vehicles for the well-healed monied people who spend on advertising to control what news you get to see. News is digested and carefully delivered to you. Critical thinking is frowned upon and those asking the tough questions are often labeled crazy and sometimes marginalized.

Are you looking for a place to express yourself? Do you want a place to write about any topic that interests you without the need to manage and create your blog or expose yourself to ridicule? Anyone that wants to write about any topic is encouraged to become a contributor on Newsies. It is free and simple to use.

All you have to do is register on the site and let us know you want to be a contributor. All you need is a valid email address, even an anonymous one, so that you can remain anonymous even to us. Anonymity gives you the freedom to be yourself without the fear of reprisals. Register today and start sharing your thoughts with the world immediately.

There are no editors. When you are ready to publish your thoughts hit “publish” and your piece appears on the magazine within minutes. That’s right; the only people you need to convince are the readers. If they like what you write they’ll give you love with a like. If they don’t, they’ll rank you below the others.

That is right; there are no editors to convince that your piece merits to be published. Just click publish and you are on the magazine.

The Rules

Of course there are rules but they are simple rules designed to benefit the Newsies community.

1. All content must be, at worst, rated “R” but we would prefer a “PG” rating. Basically, anyone under 18 should have parental permission to read or view the content. Although Newsies allows “R” rated content remember that you want readers to connect with you. They are interested in what you have to say and not how raunchy you can be in doing so.

2. Absolutely no derogatory content based on race, religion, color, national origin, disability or sexual orientation will be allowed.

3. No advertising/spam will be allowed. If you currently have a blog and want to co-publish here as well, you can link to your blog. However, please see the section “What if I own my own Blog, can I still contribute to Newsies.”

4. You must abide by the laws of the United States. That means you cannot write to harass, defame or attack another individual. You cannot copy-and-paste (steal) other peoples’ work or use a pseudonym intending to confuse the readers by pretending to be someone you are not. You cannot incite to violence or write pieces that can be construed to advocate the breaking of any US law or publish any material that advocates the breaking of any US law. This prohibition extends to encouraging the circumvention of any US laws.

That’s it, those are all of the rules and we did tell you can be anonymous as well.

What if I don’t want to be anonymous?

Newsies understands that being anonymous is important to some writers because of their family or work requirements. We encourage everyone to express themselves even if they wish to remain anonymous. However, there are also some of you that want to try your hand at blogging before investing the time and energy to manage your own blog. You also want readers to know who you are.

Newsies welcomes and encourages you to be part of our family. Just register with the name you want to be known in our magazine.

What if I own my own blog, can I still contribute to Newsies?

Newsies understands that multiple contributors can only be good for your blogs. Therefore we encourage you to co-publish as well and link to your blogs. The rule is simple; publish your full essay when linking to your blog. Your content must adhere to the same four rules we’ve outlined above. You must also use the same name you use on your existing blog, even if it is anonymous.

I’m not the blogger but I want to comment on something a blogger wrote, can I link to their blog?

Yes you can write a piece about another blog as long as your intent is to comment on the other blog, not to link to the other blog for driving readers. It is obvious when a blogger writes a quick comment about their blog and then links to it for the purposes of search engine optimization (SEO) or attracting readers. That violates rule number three and will be dealt with as such.

A Note on Copyrights

Newsies respects the intellectual properties of everyone.

By publishing content on Newsies you acknowledge and understand that anything your write or post on Newsies is your own property or you have the right to post the property on Newsies. You agree not to plagiarize or copy-and-paste content without permission. That includes images you find on the Internet. If Newsies is forced to take down more than two items you publish as a result of takedown notices we will revoke your publishing rights immediately.

If you did not take the picture, create the image or write the words than it is unlikely you have the permission to use it. The only exception to this rule is US government produced materials that you legally attained through public sources. Forget the notion of Fair Use or that you got it from the Internet from a “free” site. If you did not create it then you cannot use it on Newsies.

If you are the owner of any material that you feel has violated your copyrights please submit a takedown request using this form. Please ensure that you complete the entire form fully and accurately so that we can address it as expeditiously as possible. We address most requests within 72 hours and we will notify you of the action, if any, we take.

What if I break the rules?

Our rules are simple and as such our enforcement of them are simple as well. We have a three-phase process in place that is applied depending on the severity of the violation. For most instances, the offending material will be completely removed and a warning will be sent to the email we have on file for you. We will not edit the material. We will just delete it.

You are welcome to fix the material you published and submit it again.

If we are forced to remove any of your material more than three times, on the next offense the material will be removed and your account will be terminated. You will not be welcome on Newsies again.

For particularly egregious violations we will immediately delete all of your content and terminate your Newsies account without any warning. This is especially true for spammers.

Ok, I’m ready to be a contributor, what now?

It is simple, register an account on Newsies. All you need is a valid email address where you can receive emails. Once you have activated your account, let us know you want to be a contributor/writer by using this form. Your account will usually be activated within six to eight hours. We will notify you by email once your accounts has been upgraded.

That’s it, login and start writing. Newsies uses the WordPress publishing system.

What about curating material from around the Internet?

You have probably noticed that some contributors are posting links to interesting things they have found on the Internet. These individuals have been especially vetted and have been invited to do this for the benefit of the Newsies community.

Because of the potential for spammers abusing this we do not allow links to other sites with only small comments from contributors that have not been authorized beforehand. If you find something that you believe will interest the Newsies community then take the time to explain why you believe it was important to post.

As we get to know you better, through your participation on Newsies, we may decide to reach out to you and invite you to be a curator. Please do not ask – we need to know you before we can trust you with this.

Does a curator have the right to edit my content? Absolutely not. There are no editors that you have to convince before your article gets posted, write it and click publish and it is online. It is that simple. Just follow the simple rules and everyone will benefit from your point of view.

I’m not convinced. Why should I write for you?

You aren’t writing for us but rather for yourself. Newsies is intended as a vehicle to incubate and encourage bloggers and writers. At Newsies we encourage you to express yourself by allowing you to focus on your writing and leave the technical stuff to us. If you want to have your own blog than go for it. On the other hand if you want to focus on writing then Newsies is for you.

With Newsies you get a platform that publishes your work without wondering if the editors will like it or not. The only thing you need to worry about is whether the readers will like what you write. Along with the publishing vehicle; at Newsies we also promote you on the search engines and push your articles out on the Newsies’ Facebook and Twitter pages.

What’s in it for the readers?

At Newsies we let you read many viewpoints about the issues of the day without filters. As readers you can comment and vote bloggers you like up and vote those you don’t like down. In other words, Newsies is a one-stop blogger paradise for your reading pleasure. More importantly, you help hone new and aspiring bloggers, frustrated writers and encourage citizen journalists.

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