Terms of Service

The Rules

Of course there are rules but they are simple rules designed to benefit the Newsies community.

1. All content must be, at worst, rated “R” but we would prefer a “PG” rating. Basically, anyone under 18 should have parental permission to read or view the content. Although Newsies allows “R” rated content remember that you want readers to connect with you. They are interested in what you have to say and not how raunchy you can be in doing so.

2. Absolutely no derogatory content based on race, religion, color, national origin, disability or sexual orientation will be allowed.

3. No advertising/spam will be allowed. If you currently have a blog and want to co-publish here as well, you can link to your blog. However, please see the section “What if I own my own Blog, can I still contribute to Newsies.”

4. You must abide by the laws of the United States. That means you cannot write to harass, defame or attack another individual. You cannot copy-and-paste (steal) other peoples’ work or use a pseudonym intending to confuse the readers by pretending to be someone you are not. You cannot incite to violence or write pieces that can be construed to advocate the breaking of any US law or publish any material that advocates the breaking of any US law. This prohibition extends to encouraging the circumvention of any US laws.

That’s it, those are all of the rules and we did tell you can be anonymous as well.

A Note on Copyrights

Newsies respects the intellectual properties of everyone.

By publishing content on Newsies you acknowledge and understand that anything your write or post on Newsies is your own property or you have the right to post the property on Newsies. You agree not to plagiarize or copy-and-paste content without permission. That includes images you find on the Internet. If Newsies is forced to take down more than two items you publish as a result of takedown notices we will revoke your publishing rights immediately.

If you did not take the picture, create the image or write the words than it is unlikely you have the permission to use it. The only exception to this rule is US government produced materials that you legally attained through public sources. Forget the notion of Fair Use or that you got it from the Internet from a “free” site. If you did not create it then you cannot use it on Newsies.

If you are the owner of any material that you feel has violated your copyrights please submit a takedown request using this form. Please ensure that you complete the entire form fully and accurately so that we can address it as expeditiously as possible. We address most requests within 72 hours and we will notify you of the action, if any, we take.

What if I break the rules?

Our rules are simple and as such our enforcement of them are simple as well. We have a three-phase process in place that is applied depending on the severity of the violation. For most instances, the offending material will be completely removed and a warning will be sent to the email we have on file for you. We will not edit the material. We will just delete it.

You are welcome to fix the material you published and submit it again.

If we are forced to remove any of your material more than three times, on the next offense the material will be removed and your account will be terminated. You will not be welcome on Newsies again.

For particularly egregious violations we will immediately delete all of your content and terminate your Newsies account without any warning. This is especially true for spammers.

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